Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

TIP: If you read joint pain article first, you will better understand Carpal Tunnel Syndrome condition.

Carpal tunnel syndrome occurs when the median nerve is compressed, as it travels through the wrist at the carpal tunnel. People who are surgically treated for CTS still feel pain when they overuse their arms.

Why do you think CTS remains, even after surgical treatment? Many people suffer from CTS, yet, they do not have true CTS but suffer from wrist tendonitis.

Tendonitis at the wrist will cause swelling which may compress the median nerve. As you read in joint pain article, the tendonitis is caused by muscle tension (forearm muscle), and consequentially, overuse of forearm makes Carpal tunnel syndrome worse.

Most doctors and practitioners tend to overlook muscle-related problems because they are never picked up by MRI, CT scan, X-ray and Ultrasound. Even though you suffer from wrist pain, they cannot make it better. You end up taking medications.

Chiropractic spinal manipulation, on a relevant spinal level, might improve nerve supply to the wrist area. On top of that treatment, DTMT might be very effective to help the forearm muscle and remove CTS.