Hip / Knee / Ankle pain

Conditions: Hip pain. Knee pain. Ankle pain. Joint pain. Achilles’ injury.
TIP: If you endure hip pain, knee pain, or ankle pain, please read our joint pain article. 

When we stretch our legs to walk, the muscle in the leg pulls the tendon to create movement. If hip muscles get over-contracted, that over-contraction may compress the sciatic nerve, which causes referral pain down the leg. If hamstring muscle over-contracted, it pulls the bottom of the hip; it causes hip pain, makes it very difficult to walk, or run, because the pulling is strong.

If an over-contracted hamstring muscle pulls the back of the knee, it causes pain, and possibly swelling/bakers cyst. To fully bend the knee becomes a strenuous task. If thigh muscle over-contracted, it pulls the tendon on the groin, frontal hip joint and the knee, and the affected area is inflamed with pain.

If muscle at the shin bone over-contracted, it pulls the tendon at the ankle joint and causes uncomfortable pain. Over-contracted calf muscle pulls Achilles’ tendon, which causes pain at the back of the heel, or at the Achilles’ tendon.

Most doctors and practitioners tend to overlook this muscle-related problem because it is never picked up by MRI, CT scan, X-ray and Ultrasound. Even though you suffer from joint pain, they cannot make it better. You end up taking medications.

Chiropractic spinal manipulation, on a relevant spinal level, may improve nerve supply to the affected muscle area. Then, DTMT might provide successful treatment of a relevant muscle.