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Sun Health clinic offers an extensive range of Skin Aesthetic treatments too. Replenish your skin with thorough care with one of our high standard treatments. (see below).

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1. Refreshing Express Treatment (30 mins for $80)

This treatment is ideal for those with busy lives. It is a fast, effective treatment but which we tailor to your particular skin type. This treatment is based on a quick hydration boost, that can be done during lunchtime, or even shortly before a special event you have.

2. Deep Cleansing Detoxifying Treatment (45-60min for $110, or 105-120min for $190)

If you’re looking for a deep cleansing and mineralising treatment, this one is for you. It includes algae and clay powders; both provide a non-aggressive treatment to restore your skin’s health and pH levels. 
Our deep cleansing treatment starts with a thorough clean, followed by an exfoliation appropriated to the needs of your skin. It includes a facial massage with lymphatic drainage to boost up the skins’ ability to ‘detoxify’ itself, with a finishing touch of clay and sea powders, which provides a deep, nourishing mask.

We at Sun Health clinic use products from Algologie, produced in France. They are 95% botanical, algae-based professional skincare products; then Australian made Fleur De Mer and Epicure Cosmeceuticals. They summarise decades of theoretical and practical development of the most famous cosmetic institutes and laboratories and include the most advanced, highly effective and safe formulations that have appeared in the world in recent years.

3. Vitamin C Brightening Treatment (105-120mins for $190)

Vitamin C infusion is a proven and certified method that helps to increases Vitamin C levels by 4000 times. With the help of stimulating collagen growth, brightening treatment with Vitamin C reduces pigmentation and provides an anti-oxidant blast to the skin. All skin types benefit from this treatment, especially the ones hit with premature ageing and uneven tone.

4. Vitamin A Infusion Treatment (105-120mins for $190)

Vitamin A Infusion Treatment is designed for all types of skin over the age of 30, as an excellent aide for anti-ageing and anti-oxidation.
This treatment increases the speed of cell turnover, the elasticity of skin and collagen growth, and it reduces pigmentation. Your skin will get abundant Vitamin A to initiate healing. Vitamin A is absorbed across the entire depth of the skin, treating it with precious antioxidants.

5. Deep Hydration Collagen Boost (105-120mins for $190)

Deep Hydration Collagen Boost is a super effective mean for hydration. It boosts nourishment of the skin that has lost its elasticity and density. We warmly recommend this treatment before a special event, or for those who want to rejuvenate their skin to look plump, hydrated, and simply glowing.

6. Soothing Sensitive Treatment (75-90mins for $170)

An ideal treatment for sensitive skin types. It helps settle inflamed skin, reduce or eliminate redness of the skin that has been constantly making you feel uncomfortable. The result of it is calmed skin. With redness reduced, it further works towards increasing your skin’s overall health and strength.

7. Purifying & Mattifying Treatment (60-75mins for $150)

Specifically tailored for teenagers and adults with acne and breakouts. Our treatment will remove clogged pores and congestions, and will help your skin to regain its healthy look and lustre. It all begins with deep cleanse and mineralising treatment, which manages and removes acne.