Child Growth

Observe the kids playing; they run around, jump, bend over and fall frequently. Have you ever thought about how much stress their bodies must be going through during their entire childhood? Just to remind you: that’s what we, their parents, went through as well, and that’s where all our future problems began.

There are growth plates in every bone in your body. Long bones, like those in legs and arms, grow faster than other bones. If we develop too much muscle tension through running around, and ardent exercise, the tension will start to pull the tendon on the knee attachment and inflict pain.

Moreover, the stiff muscle will interfere with the growth plate on the long bones; the muscle needs to be stretched regularly, as well as muscle treatment applied to remove tension.

Often there is a mention of the so-called “growing pain”, or knee pain during the child growth, but there is no such thing. If the growth was painful indeed, the babies would suffer more than any other age group because they are growing so fast.

Most doctors and practitioners tend to overlook this muscle-related problem because it is never picked up by MRI, CT scan, X-ray and Ultrasound. Even though you suffer from knee pain, they cannot make it better. Your children end up putting up with the pain, often with an addition of medications.

Chiropractic spinal manipulation, on a relevant spinal level, might improve nerve supply to the affected muscle area. In addition, DTMT might be a very effective treatment of relevant muscles.