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A boy, who suffered from a prolapsed disc, became a Chiropractor.
Then, he created Deep Tissue Muscle Treatment (DTMT).
That is Dr Yang in a nutshell.

Early conditions that couldn’t be cured

— Author, Dr Hee Sun Yang

Now, in more detail. Being the eldest boy in the family, Dr Yang’s every-days (since the age of 5), consisted of helping parents working at the farm. Farm work is good for both mind and body; it develops strength, endurance and a sense of responsibility. It provides confidence and physical strength. When he was 12 years old, an arm-wrestling and pull up competition was held at the school; Dr Yang won first prizes in both competitions.

Fascinated with martial arts (like many boys), he began training at the age of 10 and became very serious about it .. until he reached the age of 15. He suffered lower back pain, accompanied by severe right leg numbness. Weak legs gradually dropped the foot, and his walking became limping.

He was admitted to the hospital for entire 2 weeks; the diagnose was lower back disc herniation/prolapse. Specialists advised an urgent operation, with a warning: if the operation is not performed, the rest of his life he will spend in the wheelchair.

Despite the specialist’s warning, Dr Yang’s mother refused to perform such radical surgery. She decided to look for an alternative answer, at least for a while. After a year of rest, and natural medicine, Dr Yang gradually regained strength in his leg and the numbness slowly disappeared. A sigh of relief was heard around the household.

However, healing came with a steep price tag: he had to give up on most of his sports activities, including martial arts. The lower back pain returns whenever he overtrains or overworks himself.

10 years later still, at the age of 25, he suffered from trigger finger (stenosing tenosynovitis). The doctor who examined him advised medication and steroid injection. And just in case this doesn’t help, then the surgery should follow.

He tried medication and steroid injection, but it didn’t work. Then, like a decade ago, he sought again an alternative way of treatment. He tried massage therapies, Chinese herbal medicine and acupuncture for 1 year overall. Nothing helped. This problem was more perplexing.

New approaches that cured the old conditions

Dr Yang was eager to find out, firstly, what is the problem with the finger that can’t be cured using prescribed treatments? And then, what’s the real cause beneath the ongoing lower back pain, that did not cease hurting since the age of 15?

He decided to study alternative (or less invasive) medicine because he believed that the human body possesses innate intelligence, which finds ways to heal naturally, and that healing doesn’t necessarily depend on invasive means like complex surgeries.

During the 2nd year of Chiropractic studies, he understood the possible cause for the finger pain, as well as his bodily pain, but the possibility for a successful treatment was limited. Usual Chiropractic treatments are always linked to the accompanying medications or surgeries in case treatments don’t help.

He decided to try muscle treatment method to remove scar tissue muscle memory. This was the early stage of the DTMT technique which he developed further. His trigger finger condition was cured after trying DTMT for 2 months. Never again he suffered from the same condition. Also, he treated his lower back, and the pain gradually faded.

The new approach perfected

In 2017, Dr Yang’s mom who was 71 years old, was diagnosed with two ailments: severe stage-four disc degeneration (bone on bone) in the lower back, and severe degeneration of cartilage in the left knee joint. This second condition required urgent knee replacement as well.

Living her life as a busy farmer, she had been suffering from lower back pain since her age of 25, and her condition had deteriorated over time. In 2017, it immobilised her body. She had to hold on to the wall to walk slowly to the toilet, and couldn’t climb the stairs without someone’s help.

Whilst sitting in her wheelchair, she visited five different specialists to establish the exact diagnosis. Due to the severity of degeneration that comes with age, they said, she doesn’t have much disc or cartilage left, neither in her back and her knee. The surgery was the only solution to improve the quality of life. 

But Dr Yang decided to fly his mother over from South Korea, and she arrived, in a wheelchair and with a walking stick in her lap.

Son treated his mother for three months with the DTMT technique, to change the wrong muscle memory. Because in his experience as a Chiropractor, he knew the problem is not entirely a worn-out disc or lack of cartilage, but also overused and over-contracted muscles. They cause continuous inflammation and pain.

A month and a half after the first treatment, she began to walk without a walking stick. In three months of treatments, she could walk up and down the stairs, without the support and not feeling any pain. As of March 2021, we can testify that she never had to go through the complex surgery on her back, or her knee. She is still active, without feeling much pain.

Dr Yang’s treatment never reversed or improved the condition of a degenerated disc, or disappearing cartilage. But if that’s the case, then how his mother did get better without replacing the disc or cartilage? This is the answer to the question of why is Dr Yang’s approach so different. He is not treating the symptoms, but the root of the cause.

Same with you, dear reader. If you are frustrated looking for the answer to your condition, despite medications and exercises you might be taking, please talk to Dr Yang. He might be able to help you with a different approach.

– Dr Hee Sun Yang