Joint Pain

Joint pain follows inflammation, such as tendonitis or arthritis. Let’s put the scenario: you want to eat an apple on the table.

  • Step 1: You saw the apple on the table, and the message received on the brain was “The apple is there, I want to eat it”.
  • Step 2: The brain sends a message to the leg muscle to stand up and walk to the table.
  • Step 3: Leg muscles will pull tendons to move bone at the joint: the movement commences.

Under normal circumstance, muscle pulls tendon only when it requires movement.

But if your muscle is already over-contracted, it continuously pulls the tendon; the pulling is bad enough to produce irritations but not strong enough to move the bone, and (eventually) start ripping it off from the bone. (That condition is called tendonitis).

As a result, inflammation at the tendon (tendonitis), inflammation at the joints (arthritis) and inflammation in the bursa (bursitis) happen. Patients will find that the pain worsens with movement after prolonged rest. Some examples: standing up from the sitting position, getting out of the car, getting out of the bed.

Headaches and Migraines

Man having a headache at home

If you are suffering from frequent headaches or migraines, your cervical (neck) spinal alignment and muscles around the neck must be examined thoroughly.

Most doctors and practitioners tend to overlook muscle-related problems because they are never picked up by MRI, CT scan, X-ray and Ultrasound. Even though you undoubtedly suffer from severe headaches and migraines, they often can’t make it better and all you end up with are the prescribed medications.

Commonly, sufferers’ muscles around the shoulder, neck (front, side & back), the base of the skull and between the shoulder blades are all very tight.

The tightness is caused by the wrong muscle memory accrued from the bad posture, or prolonged overuse of the muscles, or combination of both. The nerve root might be irritated or partially compressed from the misaligned cervical spine.

Chiropractic spinal manipulation and DTMT might be able to remedy the cause of headaches and migraines very effectively.