Shoulder Joint Pain

If you are experiencing: (a) sharp pain under certain movements, then (b) feel relieved for a while but always get pain again after certain similar movements and activities, then you must get an adequate treatment — ASAP.

Regardless of pain, if you perform same movements, you will wear and tear your joint and muscles around your shoulder. Needless to say, it will cause severe damage to you. Oftentimes with shoulder joint pain you may feel tingling sensations on your hands as well.

So let’s get started.


Man having a headache at home

Migraine is a type of very strong headache. Sometimes this headache comes with nausea and with visual disturbance. When it happens, feel your neck (back part); you will find neck is tender to touch, or very tight.

In many cases, muscle tightness has been built up for many years. The cause is the wrong head posture, which compresses the nerve and blood vessels that travel all over your head.